The Bengali Association History

The Bengalee Association was founded and registered under The Societies Act on 16th September 1959. Initially it came into existence in the form of a public Library named Bharati Pathagar in 1950.


On 11th September 1959, Seven persons Sri P.C.Bose, Sri G.D.Hazra, Sri P.K.Mukherjee, Sri B.P.Ghosh, Sri G.R.Ghosh, Sri R.L.Dutta and Sri S.K.Roy signed and submitted the memorandum to the Registrar of Societies for the formation of The Bengalee Association, Bangalore proposing following as the Executive Committee.

President: Mr. P.C.Bose, Vice Presidents: Mr. A.K.Chakravarti, Mr. S.C.Das, Mr. G.D.Hazra,Col. M.C.Bhattacharya, Maj. M. Bhattacharya.Gen. Secretary : Mr. B.P.Ghosh, Asst. Secretary: Mr. P.K. Mukherjee, Mr. B.M.Dey,Treasurer: Mr. S.K.Roy

Other Members: Mr. G.R.Ghosh, Mr. B.M.Sengupta, Mr. A.B.Bhattacharya, Mr. P.K.Dasgupta,Mr. S.B.Mukherjee, Dr. B.L.Dutta, Dr. S.C.Nandy, Smt. Kanank Banerjee. The Bengalee Association was registered on the 16th September 1959.

Sl. no.PresidentYear
1Mr. P C Bose1950-1961
2Mr. S K Kanjilal1961-1963
3Mr. G D Hazra & Dr. M L Dasgupta1963-1965
4Mr. Subodh Chandra Das1965-1967
5Mr. Amalendu Bose1967-1971
6Mr. G R Ghosh1971 - 1973
7Mr. Ajit Dutta1973-1981
8Mr. S K Ganguly1981-1985
9Mr. Bani Shankar Das1985-1987
10Mr. Subrata Haldar1987-89, 1993-97, 2001-2005
11Mr. S K Maitra1989 August-1990
12Mr. Sulopani Banerjee1990-1993
13Mr. Adhip Chaudhuri1997-2001
14Mr. Subrata K Basu2005-2007
15Mr. Achintya Lal Roy2007-2011
16Mr. Dilip Maitra2011-2013
17Mrs. Runu Roy2013 - 2017
18Mr. Shubhendu GhoshPresent- From June 2017